The Rainbow Is True Though Science Cannot Give The Proof

We learned in our science class that the rainbow is formed due to the dispersion of white light by water droplets. It’s a natural phenomenon. We can bring the same spectrum of light into real life in the observatory lab. This is to say that, this society considers something unnatural which cannot be proved through laboratory results. But, the truth is that not every existence can be proved in labs for generations together. And still, their existence is as natural as anything else. Am not talking about God. It’s about one of the considered God’s own creation, human beings. A vast majority of our society denies talking or acknowledging the existence of certain members of our human race. Yes, it’s the LGBTQIA+ community also known in a more beautiful term, the Rainbow community.

When it comes to our own country, since ancient times, we were tolerant of the diversity that existed in the human race especially in terms of gender identity and expression. However, after it went into the dark rule of the British, it lost its sanctity. Though we could drive away their rule from this country, the seeded discrimination towards gender diversity and sexuality couldn’t be driven away. In fact, it grew to such a level over generations altogether that we were made to believe they do not exist, should not exist and if someone dares to speak their existence they were showed as a threat to the society. Humiliated or harassed or killed or made to kill self.

It’s high time we wake up and realize it’s not the facts and figures that are important to know about the diversity that exists in the human race with respect to Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression Sex characteristics (SOGIESC). It’s something more than that. We need to save our fellow brothers and sisters who are born as a part of this ecosystem; to save it and make it flourish like any of us. For now, it’s possible only by understanding and accepting them, rather than looking for scientific proofs or evidence of their existence. Let’s realize that if they are really unnatural as most of them say, nature would not have let their existence since who-may-know the human race evolved.

This is the introduction part of the series of my articles on the Rainbow community which I wish you all take an opportunity in reading them for an understanding and accepting the so-called LGBTQIA+ persons who are in and around or maybe in you.

Thank you!

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Shivakumar Lanka from Visakhapatnam completed his post-graduation and is in the profession of teaching. He is also working for creating an understanding and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ Community in society. He could successfully reach many students, organizations, and citizens of Visakhapatnam. He spends his free time helping his mother with household works and reading books of all genres. Last but not the least, he says LGBTQIA+ individuals can also help equally in the protection of the Environment. To know-how and more of it don't miss his writings!


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